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A Mancunian Tale

As the years passed, the relationship between Jim and Hannah grew deeply, Jim was now a ten year old boy, less frightened than he was at his first day at school six years before and moreover, with Hannah by his side he felt like he could simply do anything. Soon he would realise that she was supposed to be the love of a lifetime.

Jim, despite of being a normal child, had isolated himself over the years from his early friends and the only one he could not stay without, even a single day, was called Hannah Winter. They used to take long walks every afternoon around Manchester, specially in Whalley Range, a small gray bohemian area full of bedsits that strangely attracted the young twosome. Of course, there was also the moors, with its solitude and beauty. They could spend hours and hours there without saying anything, in complete harmony with the local atmosphere, just happy for being in such a peaceful place together. Unfortunately, that place was chosen to be the stage of a tragedy which would soon affect their lives.

It was mid spring and that morning the sky seemed particularly sad and gloomy as if announcing what had happened, that day Jim awoke a bit earlier than he used to and when he went downstairs it was apparent that something bad had occurred. - Her face was as pail as the shadow of a white rose reflected in a silver mirror and her eyes were cherry red, showing that she did cry - he heard them saying.

At first neither his father nor his mother knew how to tell him but both of them shared the feeling it would be very painful and harmful to tell what had happened.

As the silence continued, Jim insisted to know what was wrong and why they were acting in such odd manners, Mr. Dave then, took him for a walk and tried to find words to explain to his son that Hannah had died. Jim was astonished, it was impossible for him to deal with the idea of loosing his best friend, his beloved Hannah couldn't had passed away, it was only when his father showed him the morning papers that he lost hope and began to cry desperately.

By eight o'clock in the morning, the whole Manchester knew about the child which had been misteriously murdered in the moors, apparentely, the police hadn't had any clues but the fact that the girl named Hannah Winter was found dead, as if strangled by someone, in the north part of the moor area. There were no witnesses at all, although some people said to have noted a suspicious white van parked outside Hannah's school the day before. While investigations proceeded, an entire city collapsed down.
Most of the mancunians went to Hannah's funeral, deeply touched by the bizarre catastrophy, most of them but Jim. After her death it seemed that the little boy had lost the pleasure of living, he stopped eating and even talking, but if anyone walks around the moors he still can be seen there, staring at the sky as if looking, as if calling for the only one he had ever loved.

Based upon "Suffer Little Children" by Morrissey/Marr, both written over 20 years ago.

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